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FastTimes 392" short block assembly based on the Dart LSNext SHP cast iron block, upgraded with ARP main studs. These come standard with a Dart billet steel 3.625" crank, 6.125" Boostline billet rods, 4.125" Diamond LS2K forged pistons with boost pin upgrade, gas nitrided steel rings and Dart-specific King main and rod bearings. 

The Dart SHP block is substantially stronger than factory GM castings with a greatly improved oiling system identical to that in Pro Stock engines.  Splayed 4-bolt billet main caps are the same as those in the Iron Eagle and Little M blocks and are much stronger than the GM design! 

Perfect for LS swap projects, weekend hot rods, or even hot daily drivers, this short block will provide you with a solid foundation to start with to hold all the power you need, reliably!

Short Block Components:

  • Dart LSNext SHP cast iron block
  • King main & rod race bearings, coated cam bearings
  • Dart Billet 3.622" crankshaft, fully counterweighted
  • Boostline billet 6.125" connecting rods
  • Diamond LS2K forged 2618 pistons with boost pins
  • Total Seal AP Stainless Rings


Machining & Assembly Processes:

  • Line honed for bearing crush/oil clearance
  • Block zero/square decked - 25Ra finish (max)
  • Bored & deck plate honed to size, cylinder finish checked with profilometer
  • Crank internally balanced and micro-polished
  • Rods and pistons pin fit for optimal oil clearance
  • Cam bearings, oil galley plugs & freeze plugs installed
  • All parts washed in ultrasonic cleaner
  • Professionally assembled.



If we are shipping your short block you are required to purchase a shipping cradle and crate. This is to ensure that your short block assembly arrives safely. We will not ship without the cradle and shipping container!